Thursday, September 13, 2012

~ My Achievements So Far ~

~ Graduated from Highland High School in May 2009

~ Graduated from Antelope Valley College in June 2012 (AA in Social & Behavioral Sciences)

~ Applied to universities and got accepted into BYU-Idaho and *BYU-Hawaii*

~ Got my mission call in July 25, 2012

For a moment here let's go back to how my story began this year! Last year in 2011, when I made an appointment with my bishop, Bishop Black from the Sierra Ward of the Lancaster Stake in California, I told him that I wanted to go on a mission and that I wanted to follow my patrichal blessing. My bishop responded to me telling me that it was a big decision, who knows if I would be married by the time to go a mission comes around (Obviously my education is first then marriage after!), and that I still have a while to think about it.

This year came around and all I was focus was on my education. My desire for going on a mission vanished. This spring semester was my last at AVC and was going to graduate so therefore I have already applied to schools, gotten my acceptance letters, and after praying to which schools was right for me to go to, I received an answer to attend BYU-Hawaii. After general conference in January of 2012, my bishop called me up for an appointment and informed me that I was called to go on a mission and that the Lord needed me as soon as possible! What!!! This moment clearly shattered my world, I was like "When I came in last year you practically counseled that a mission might not be for me, and now it is?! I had my life all set and planned out!" My bishop told me not to respond with a decision at the moment but to go home and pray about until I receive an answer and revelation, and then return to make an appointment with him and inform him of my decision.

Oh boy ... I did not have the desire to serve a mission anymore and wanted to further my education first and then maybe after a year more of school go on a mission. From January until like mid-March, I was praying and praying my heart out, fasting every Sunday, trying to be open-minded on what the Lord wants for me, and I still didn't received an answer. So, I decided to just make an appointment with the bishop and have it all set and ready, and hopefully I will receive an answer soon. The day before my appointment I got my answer and a confirmation that now it was the time that the Lord wanted and needed me to go on a mission and serve Him. Crazy how life has its turns and twists!

Now, I was all praying hoping that when my call came that I wouldn't have to report until a couple months, hopefully the following year so that I could do at least one at BYU-Hawaii before attending my mission. The semester ended, I got my associates diploma, and that June my mother decided to move to Utah, so we did. On July 25, 2012 I got my mission call! I was hoping of being sent somewhere tropical or to another country, yeah that did not happened. I got called to serve in the Portland, Oregon Temple Mission, specializing in Spanish speaking! Serving a mission, is serving the Lord. You will be sent to the place where the Lord wants you to fulfill His work, He knows your talents and abilities, and knows where you will be needed and who needs you perfectly!

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